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Placement Exam

On the last day of Math Camp, each student will be given the opportunity to take a placement exam. Success on this exam guarantees the student a reserved seat in their first required math class.

The colleges and majors listed below require the minimum completion of Math 123 (Finite Mathematics), Math 125 (Basic Calculus), or Math 141 (Calculus I). Some have additional higher math requirements. Math Camp is designed to help prepare you to pass the math placement exam by demonstrating your preparedness to begin in one of these courses.

Alternatives to Math Camp

Click here for additional math placement information from the Department of Mathematics, including an online placement exam option.

Students may wish to retake the SAT or ACT to try to improve their math score. A more recent ACT or SAT test that shows the necessary math score (ACT 25, SAT 590) should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to document that the student has achieved the required level of proficiency to take the first math class required by his/her major.

Remember, there is a limited time to retake the SAT or ACT.  The last SAT exam is June 3rd (registration deadline is May 9th) and the last ACT exam is June 10th (registration deadline is May 5th).


View a comprehensive list of undergraduate majors and course requirements.

UT Majors by College Requiring Math 123 or Higher* for 2016/17

College/Major First Math Class Requirement
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (only the majors listed below)
Animal Science 125, 141, or 151
Biosystems Engineering 141
Environmental and Soil Sciences 125
Food & Agricultural Business 123
Food Science and Technology 125 or 141
Forestry 125
Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 123
Wildlife & Fisheries Science 125
College of Architecture and Design (only the majors listed below)  
Architecture 125
Interior Design 123
College of Arts and Sciences (only the majors listed below)
Biological Sciences 141 or 151
Chemistry 141 or 151
Geology and Environmental Sciences (Geology) 141 or 151
Geology and Environmental Sciences (Environmental Sciences) 125, 141, or 151
Interdisciplinary Programs: Linguistics 125
Interdisciplinary Programs: Neuroscience 125, 141, or 151
Mathematics 141
Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures—all Language & World Business concentrations (French, Hispanic Studies, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian Studies, German, and Italian) 125
Physics 141
Pre-Professional Programs (Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine)  125 or 130
Statistics 141
Haslam College of Business
All majors 125
College of Communication and Information (only the majors listed below)
Advertising 125
Public Relations 125
College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences (only the majors listed below)
Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management 125
Kinesiology 125 or 141
Nutrition 125
Recreation and Sport Management (Sport Management) 125
Retail and Consumer Sciences 125
College of Engineering  
All majors 141
College of Nursing  
Nursing 125

*Other colleges and majors not listed above have lower level math or quantitative reasoning requirements. These requirements are subject to change, so be sure to speak with your advisor if you have questions.

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