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Photo Gallery

In addition to focusing on math, we also like to have fun at Math Camp. Click on the years below to see photos of some of the fun highlights!

Closing Meeting

MC 2019 Closing Meeting 1 MC 2019 Closing Meeting 2
MC 2019 Closing Meeting 3

Painting the Rock

Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock All Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock Counselors 2
Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock 2 Counselors Math Camp 2019_Painting the Rock 1

Ijam’s Nature Center

MC_Ijams_2019 3 MC_Ijams_2019 1
MC_Ijams_2019 2 MC_Ijams_2019 4
MC_Ijams_2019 5

Cade’s Cove

MC_Cades Cove_1 MC_Cades Cove_2 MC_Cades Cove_3
MC_Cades Cove_4 MC_Cades Cove_5 MC_Cades Cove_6
MC_Cades Cove_7 MC_Cades Cove_8 MC_Cades Cove_9
MC_Cades Cove_10 MC_Cades Cove_11 MC_Cades Cove_12

Roller Skating

MC_2019_Skating_1 MC_2019_Skating_2 MC_2019_Skating_3
MC_2019_Skating_4 MC_2019_Skating_6 MC_2019_Skating_5
MC_2019_Skating_7 MC_2019_Skating_8 MC_2019_Skating_9

Baking and Studying Night

MC_2019_Baking_1 MC_2019_Baking_2 MC_2019_Baking_3
MC_2019_Baking_4 MC_2019_Baking_5 MC_2019_Baking_6
MC_2019_Baking_7 MC_2019_Baking_8 MC_2019_Baking_9

Opening Meeting

MC_2019_Opening Meeting 1 MC_2019_Opening Meeting 2

Counselor Training

MC_2019_Counselor Training 1 MC_2019_Counselor Training 3 MC_2019_Counselor Training 2
MC_2019_Counselor Training 9 MC_2019_Counselor Training 5 MC_2019_Counselor Training 6
MC_2019_Counselor Training 7 MC_2019_Counselor Training 8 MC_2019_Counselor Training 11
MC_2019_Counselor Training 10 MC_2019_Counselor Training 4


Counselor Training

MC_2017_Counselor Training 1 MC_2017_Counselor Training 2
MC_2017_Counselor Training 3 MC_2017_Counselor Training 4
MC_2017_Counselor Training 5 MC_2017_Counselor Training 6

Move-in and Welcome Meeting

MC_2016_Counselors 2 MC_2016_Counselors MC_2016_welcome meeting_1
MC_2016_welcome meeting_2 MC_2016_welcome meeting_3 MC_2016_welcome meeting_4
MC_2016_welcome meeting_5

Ice Cream Party

MC_2016_Ice Cream 1 MC_2016_Ice Cream 2
MC_2016_Ice Cream 3