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Q: When and where is Math Camp?
A: Math Camp 2019 will take place July 21 through August 9 at the UTK campus. Students in need of early arrival should contact Jennifer Hewerdine at

Q: Am I required to attend Math Camp?
A: No, you are not required to attend Math Camp. It is an optional program designed to enhance math skills.

Q: Why was I invited to Math Camp?
A: Students who score less than 25 on the Math ACT (590 on the Math SAT) and who have selected a math-intensive major or a major requiring certain math skills are eligible to attend. Transfer students who have selected math-intensive majors but have not taken the required math courses to begin the math needed for their major are invited as well. Math Camp will provide a thorough review of core mathematical concepts. At the end of the program, a placement exam will determine which math course you will place into for your first semester at UT.

Q: Does this mean I cannot declare the major that I indicated on my application? 
A: Students should declare the major they have on their application. The major/career exploration component of Math Camp will further assist with choice of major.

Q: What are my other options if I cannot attend Math Camp (or don’t want to)?
A: Connect with the UT Advising Center to learn about alternatives to Math Camp, or view additional math placement information from the Department of Mathematics.

Q: Can I retake the ACT/SAT to try to improve my math score?
A: Yes. A more recent ACT or SAT test that shows the necessary math score (ACT 25, SAT 590) should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to document that the student has achieved the required level of proficiency to take the first math class required by their major.

Q: How much is Math Camp?
A: Math Camp is $1,695 for residential students and $1,095 for non-residential students (whose permanent address is within a 50 mile radius of campus). This price includes room and board.

Q: Am I eligible for financial assistance to cover the cost of Math Camp?
A: Financial assistance to cover the full $1,695 cost of Math Camp (including room and board) is available to students who meet financial need eligibility. If you are eligible to receive a federal Pell Grant, you are eligible to attend Math Camp at no cost. To check your eligibility, log on to MyUTK or speak with One Stop during orientation.

For students who are not Pell Eligible, funding assistance via a limited number of fee waivers or fee reductions on an application basis are available for students who meet financial and academic qualifications. Interested students should e-mail Tyler Ogden,

Q: Will I receive course credit for attending Math Camp?
A: No, Math Camp does not provide course credit.

Q: Is registration limited?
A: Yes, registration for Math Camp will be limited to the first 120 participants.

Q: Do I need to attend Orientation prior to Math Camp?
A: Yes.  All Math Camp participants will need their VolCard (picked up during Orientation) in order to eat, use recreational facilities, and participate in other UT activities

Q: I’m not coming to Orientation until July; how soon should I register for Math Camp? 

A: Due to space limitations, students interested in attending Math Camp are encouraged to register as soon as possible. The payment deadline is July 2nd.

Q: What payment methods are accepted for Math Camp registration?
A: Registration and payment for Math Camp requires a credit card. Cash or checks are not accepted. A fee of $100 will be charged to registrants who cancel their registration.

Q: Can I live off campus and still attend Math Camp?
A: Yes, if your permanent address is within a 50-mile radius of the UT campus. This “non-residential” student option covers meals Monday–Friday and all social activities for the duration of the program.

Q: I’m planning on attending Math Camp but I have an evening job—how should I handle my work schedule?
A: Unless otherwise noted, all evening programs are optional.

Q: I’m a “residential” student. Where will I stay during Math Camp?
A: Residential students will be staying in Hess Hall on UT’s campus.

Q: What happens if I don’t score high enough on the placement exam at the end of Math Camp to get into the math my major requires?
A: Academic advisors at Math Camp will be available to speak with you regarding your options during and after Math Camp.

Q: Who can I talk to for more information about Math Camp?
A: Fill out this online form for information on accommodations, Math Camp sessions, or financial assistance information. For general questions, contact Jessica Osborne at or Tyler Ogden at

Q: My friend scored lower on their Math ACT than I did, but wasn’t invited to Math Camp. Why not? 
A: Your friend has chosen a major that does not require a math prerequisite or has transfer credit, dual enrollment, or AP scores for additional math courses.

Q: What are the math courses required for my major?
A: View a comprehensive list of undergraduate majors and course requirements here. Additionally, view the list of minimum math requirements for each major or concentration at UT.

Q: How do I contact my academic advisor?
A: lists all undergraduate academic advising services for all academic colleges.

Q: Is Math Camp right for me?
A: Yes! Math Camp will help get you on track with the math courses required by your major. You’ll also get to experience the UT campus before fall semester begins and will have access to multiple resources to help you succeed in your academic career at UT. Register here: