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Math Camp is an optional, online, three-week summer program designed to provide a thorough academic review of concepts from Math 119 — an important pre-requisite for math-intensive majors or other majors requiring certain math skills. Math Camp is specifically tailored for students who scored less than 25 on the Math ACT (590 on the Math SAT) and who have selected majors with specific math requirements. On the last day of Math Camp, each student will be given an opportunity to take an exam for placement into the required math class for their major. Math Camp is also offered for transfer students with math-intensive majors enrolled in Math 119 or below for the fall semester.

Math Camp has an attendance limit of 120 students to ensure participants receive maximum personal attention. Course credit is not awarded for attending. Successful completion of the math camp placement exam can mean that students complete a semesters worth of math classes in just three weeks! Students who attend math camp will also receive career and major counseling, along with introductions to a variety of UT support systems.

Math Camp registration for Summer 2020 is closed

Read what students have to say about Math Camp!

“Math camp is an overall amazing program.” – Ali, 2016 Math Camp Participant

“I’d recommend Math Camp. It got me really involved with my peers and I got connected to campus life.” – Jessica, 2018 Math Camp Participant

“As a camper, going through Math Camp was definitely a change in pace but prepared me for regular college. It such a fun experience.” – Reed, 2018 Math Camp Participant, 2019 Math Camp Counselor

“I enjoyed everything about Math Camp. I had a great time and I’m really glad that I came!” – Stephen, 2019 Math Camp Participant

“In Math Camp, you’re given a Vol family before classes begin!” – Tré, 2019 Math Camp Counselor